Tiktok and WeChat are safe in the US but still under supervision

Before 2020 ended, the fate of Tiktok in the US was hung in a balance of several court orders and election results. It can get a little suspension when Biden’s administration takes over, raising hope it will eventually be released. Part of it was indeed a reality when President Biden signed a new executive order that dropped the ban on Tiktok, Wechat and Alipay. That said, they still have not run out of hot water because they will still be investigated about allegations of their allegedly with the Chinese government.

The root causes of Tiktok issues are charges of Bypance, Chinese-based companies that have popular social networks, collect data on behalf of the Chinese government. While some form of normal data collection for this internet service, the US government takes certain problems with the possibility that US citizen data is used for further Chinese espionage activities. Of course, Bypance and other companies denied such allegations but it did not stop the Trump government from the issuance of prohibitions.

Trump also provides an ultimatum bypance to sell US business to US companies but never paid off. Fortunately Bypance, the pitch sided with the owner of Tiktok in combating the ban, delaying execution for months. There will be no more execution, at least for now, but the President of Biden does not give a clean bait company.

The executive order of the US President directs the Ministry of Commerce to even produce a more appropriate framework for acting on the allegations. Instead of prohibiting companies to the left and right, the framework will determine the national security risk of doing business with companies connected with the government that often oppose US ideals, such as China.

This EO doesn’t exactly mean that the tiktok is not guilty so far. It can still be found guilty because it actually participates in the Chinese data collection campaign in US citizens but at least now has more time to prove the opposite.

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