Marketing Jobs You can do From Home during Pandemic

The big topic of discussion worldwide is still coronavirus and its effects. Countries that had lifted limitations have again imposed tighter restrictions to combat the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. These restrictions involve organizations encouraging their staff to continue working from home.

While more and more companies are extending their work from home for employees, the “new normal” working mode is not the most convenient way of working for employees.

According to a report by the Pew Research Centre, only 7% of workers in the United States were able to benefit from a flexible workplace that allowed them to telework.

Even in Europe, the remote working conditions were the same as in the US with only 10% of remote employees. Countries like Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands made it to a higher percentage of remote employees with a total of 20%.

While many employees are struggling to keep work from home routine effective, people working in the marketing field are blending with the new normal pretty well. The adaptability of marketing teams to pandemic restrictions has even encouraged people to consider this field as a career.

Regardless of the field you choose, effective work from home requires high-speed internet service to benefit you. Without having reliable internet service, there is nothing much you can do to showcase your professional skills to employers.

Internet Speed Requirements to Work from Home

The most crucial input required to run a small business from home or to take your first step in the field of marketing remotely is a high-speed internet service.

Initially, you will need a download speed of higher than 25 Mbps to have a stable working mode at home. However, to work in a marketing field you will be required, for multiple tasks at one time. For this purpose, you need to invest in an internet service provider that offers better speed and reliability.

To help you out, we suggest you check out some Spectrum specials internet offers and cable TV packages.

Spectrum Internet offers reliable and fast internet speed ranging from 200 Mbps up to 940 Mbps at affordable rates.

Now you know which internet service will work best with your marketing career. Here are a few options you can experiment with your marketing expertise in during the pandemic:

Affiliate Marketer

A small number of people have discovered the capabilities of affiliate marketing in generating a healthy living. Affiliate marketing involves selling products for somebody else while keeping a percentage of the proceeds. This percentage is discussed and mutually agreed upon by the affiliate marketer and owner of the product.

If you want to become part of this field to earn good bucks by sitting in your home, you need to create an online audience.

Of course, earning an online audience is not an easy task. Especially, if you are a beginner in the marketing industry, then you will find this task more difficult. However, if you managed to dedicate your time and efforts by becoming an influencer, you can make your reliable online audience. And once you break into the influencer pathway, you will be more qualified for affiliate marketing.

You can also increase your chances in this field by becoming an influencer in a field relevant to the products you intend to become an affiliate merchant for, in the future.

Marketing Copy Writer

There is always a high demand for good copywriters. And most of the copywriters are now offered a flexible remote working schedule by employers.

Copywriters are assigned tasks to use their words to market products. They are hired to write everything and anything that the marketing of the product requires. This includes a sales letter, order form, and even content for the business website, and much more.

The copywriter’s persuasive texts later convince the potential consumers to buy the product they are writing for.

Digital and Email Marketer

Digital and email marketers are those that write digital content and emails that can reach out to the targeted audience of the business.

The core duty of an email marketer is to build a good bond with the potential customers, by the power of their words.

Digital and email marketers are responsible to not create too much sales-infused content as it can drive customers away.

Marketing Analyst

There are many duties of marketing analysts, such as studying the market condition of the business, plus its competition. The behaviors of consumers are determined by collecting vast data that is then filtered for insights.

A marketing analyst researches the targeted audience of the product to determine the needed services and products of the company to sell. Collaborations for promotions and judging results of marketing campaigns are also the responsibility of a marketing analyst.

Time to Market

We’ve discussed different roles that you can learn and earn from if you step into the field of marketing. The best way to learn is on the job. Jump into it, and remember, it takes time to see results, but consistency and best practices will take you far.

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