Fortnite Season 7 Details: Players Great Change Must Know About

Epic released the next Fortnite season this week, introducing players to the Royale Battle Island which is slightly updated, as well as many new weapons, UFOs, and some new additions based on old items. If you don’t have the opportunity to explore extensively updates, here is a list of the biggest changes you have to know to start in Chapter 2 – Season 7 “They come.”

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Bring back up updating benches and vending machines, allowing players to quickly update weapons and buy new items. Update benches did not replace the craft system that arrived with the previous season (more about it later), but more offering the opportunity to increase weapons with gold bars without the use of NPC.

The current NPC in the season does not offer increased weapons as we saw in season 6, but update benches effectively replaced it. Similarly, newly returned vending machines also offer purchases using Gold Bars, making it a good choice for players who don’t want to waste their bars on improvement.

The Pass battle system has also been updated and now displays the Battle Star system. Instead of automatically unlock the next item in the line by leveling up in the game, the player will be rewarded with the stars they can save and spend to unlock the battle gift they want.

Some limitations in place; For example, you cannot pass the tip of the battle, and some items are locked until you make the purchase of a battle star that is enough to unlock their keys. Battle Stars are given freely – there are no additional fees outside the battle pass fee.

You might have noticed that UFOs now fly around Fortnite Island, but do you realize that humans can test it? This craft can be commanded by players who take control of shaped plates, use their tools to kidnap other players, take and transport goods, and launch laser explosions on the ground.

Players can find UFOs by looking for an interesting place (POI) in the beginning of the game. Purple means there is a UFO operating at the location.

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