How to Watch in The Heights Online: Streaming New HBO Max Film Today

Finally, the Broadway debut from the Creator of Hamilton received a film adaptation, and it would have been worth singing. Directed by Jon M. Chu (Asia Rich Crazy 2018) and based on Tony’s award-winning musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda, at height is a color riot and sound that warms the heart that will make you dance on the streets. Below we explain how to watch it at an altitude online by subscribing to HBO Max.

At height telling the story of the owner of the Bodega Usnavi de la Vega, and the community near the neighborhood, most of the Dominika named Washington Heights. Apart from the difficulties of everyday life, each finding love, hope, and friendship with each other, and working hard to change their suenos (“little dream”) into reality.

There are exceptional cast charts here. Anthony Ramos (who might get used to viewers from the version of Hamilton which was filmed) was the owner of a wide-eyed grocery store, Usnavi, who missed the beautiful Dominican and Vanessa Republic (Vida’s Malissa Barrera). His best friend who was optimistic Benny (Corey Hawkins, The Walking Dead) worked at the Rosario taxi company, and gave birth to romantic feelings for the daughter of the owner of Nina (singer Leslie Grace). He was smart and determined, but, after struggling to pay the way through college, it had restored disappointed to height.

Also starring Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn nine-nine-nine) and the award-winning actor Jimmy Smits (NYPD Blue), at altitude is a visually spectacular community celebration so critics call summer film shows. And, if you are a fan of La La La and West Side Story, you will want to check the guide below for watching at an altitude online, streaming on HBO Max until July 11.

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