Google now takes a battle to court in India – this is why

Google may have met its new rules in India, which became effective from last month. But now it has told the Delhi High Court that new guidelines do not apply to it.

Only to clarify, Google’s claims have come in different cases, and unlike WhatsApp, search engine giants do not challenge the government. But just appeal in a case where it was classified as “social media intermediaries”. Google’s opinion is only a search engine.

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What is the problem?

A woman has approached the court claiming the photos and pictures, although not in themselves obscene or offensive, taken from Facebook and Instagram accounts without their approval, and uploaded on porn websites with suggestive information added to them. The court ordered the removal of photos, but when it happened today, the photos could not be completely removed from the internet. Offensive pics posted on other sites.

This is where the court considers the Google search engine to be an intermediary, and says that it must be “trying to use proactive monitoring by using automatic tools, to identify and delete or deactivate access to content that alludes to mentioning content that is the main problem of the court order.”

“If the intermediary fails to fulfill this requirement, it is responsible for losing its special rights for information technology actions,” said the court.

Responding to court assessment, Google issued a statement, said: “Search engines are a reflection of content and information available on the internet. And while we maintain consistent policies for unpleasant deletion of content from search results, Delhi High. Court orders have provided certain obligations What misclasses Google searches as a social media intermediary. “

Google appeal.

Google, in its appeal yesterday, said the court order has united various parts of the IT actions and separate rules prescribed below it. The court has passed orders for templates that combine all such violations and conditions, which are bad in law, Google said.

It adds search engine functions only “crawling and indexing existing information such as available or published or hosted by an independent third party website”.

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