Fortnite FNCS All-Star Showdown Details with $ 3 million Pool Gift

Epic finally revealed the details for the planned Showdown All-Star FNCS showdown. The competition will begin tomorrow, June 11, and continue most of the month, complaining of past FNCS competitors in a series of new challenges. The company offers a collection of $ 3 million which will be shared between winners.

The All-Star FNC showdown will run from June 11 to 26, offering tournaments and challenges that lead to the All-Star FNCS Solo Championship this month. Epic has not published complete event rules, but said it would make them available next week. Creator Fortnite Top will participate in the Hype Days scheduled for June 11 – 13.

During that time, the creator would host the tournament and challenges of their own, after that playing all-star in the tournament will take place from June 18 – 20. That the last tournament will involve the Champions League players who qualify, according to Epic, with 10 slots , in each region. As many as four rounds will take place.

After that, the epic planned skill challenges on June 23 – 24, including those who will involve goals, build and edit. Five creative maps will be used in this challenge, including the Blue Print Battle, Bullseye Bonanza, and a high level. Winners will switch to final skill challenges. It will lead to play on June 25, 3V3 competition which will involve four TRIOS FNC top from each region.

Play for Sunds Events will challenge players competing without building. As mentioned, the last day of the event, June 26, will bring the All-Star FNCS solo championship, the six-match grand finale which mostly has the same format as a solo cash cup. Fans will be able to watch activities starting June 23 through official FNCS broadcasts on YouTube, Twitch, and Watch Fortnite website.

All details, including assessments, event time and dates, and many more can be found on the Epic blog here.

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