‘Overwatch’ finally got crossplay support

Five years after the initial release, Crossplay finally came to Overwatch. Blizzard will immediately start beta test features, allowing players on all platforms where the game is available – PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch – to group and play with each other. To use the feature, you must create a Battle.net account if you don’t have it yet and link it to your Xbox, PSN or Nintendo account. That’s something Blizzard will now need an overwatch player to do whether you plan to use Crossplay support or not.

One other thing to note is that whatever content collection content that you produce on one system will not be carried to another platform. Crossplay will also function for all game modes other than competitive. In that context, Blizzard will put the console player in one photo of the pool and PC elsewhere. The studio said it did this for balance reasons. Finally, Blizzard will give everyone who connects their accounts together before the end of the year the free gold botting box.

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