Valorant Changing One: Offer Limited Edition Player Cards and Free Event Pass

RIOT Games launched “5V5 character-based tactical shooter video game”, Valorant returned on June 2, 2020. And yesterday the game was completed throughout the year and the game Riot announced gifts to the players.

RIOT GAMES is commemorating this opportunity by offering free looting players. In a blog, the developers wrote, “With one year of courage in books, the only thing that is right to do is celebrate for a month. That’s why in June we started Valorant YR1, both in-game and out-to receive Love with cool things for one-year headshots, surge plants, and insta locking duelists. “

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Year of one event each has a start and run time specifically, but most of them have begun. The riots brought back the night. Market for this opportunity. Night.Market offers a collection of six random skin available for purchased, discounted and unique for each player.

The riot game also brings back the bundle back, but with a twist. The pistol skin included in the bundle is determined by the selection of players currently living. Voting will be closed on June 7 and some of the results will go to Amal. Winners were announced June 16.

Players will also be offered three valorant player cards which will be part of the limited edition of the YR1 set that celebrates episode 1, 2, and 3. Episode 1 card will be a drop but unexposed riots where and will be available until June 9. , Episode 2 cards will be a special Drop Prime YR1 game and until available from June 9 to 14. While episode 3 cards will be part of passing the first YR1 event.

Developers add to community-powered battles in episode 4 which will get unique items selected in areas such as sprays, weapons friends, and titles. Riot also announced that Event Pass YR1 will be free for everyone. It will have seven exclusive YR1 items such as episode 3 players, pistol friends, and more. The riot game also teases the arrival of new agents at the end of the blog.

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