The big e3 game news that we expected from Showcase 2021 Square Enix

Square Enix today confirmed the plan for E3 2021, announced that it would host another square Enix serving Livestream where he made a lot of new expression. Like most companies, Square Enix maintains its biggest plan, but has revealed several games that will display during the event. Of course, we can also make some educated allegations about what might exhibit Square Enix during the event too.

The company announced today that the ENIX square presents a showcase for 2021 will take place on June 13 at 12:15 PDT / 3: 15:00 EDT. The show will run for about 40 minutes and it seems to be marked by the disclosure of a new game from Eidos-Montreal. What the game can be an allegation of anyone, but considering the Eidos-Montreal is a studio that is a modern Deus Ex game (starting with the human revolution), we will keep our fingers cross for the new Deus Ex game.

In addition to the new Eidos-Montreal new game, we will also get updates about Falllon’s Fall, more details about the upcoming Black Panther expansion for Avengers Marvel, and “Deep Deeping” in life is strange: true colors by seeing life is strange: Remaster collection.

It’s all Square Enix revealed today, saying that it maintains the show lineup “mostly below the wrap for now.” However, we know some of the upcoming Square Enix RPG – Final Fantasy XVI and Triangle Project Strategy – which can make appearance during the show. The fans have also been waiting for news about the second chapter in Square Enix Final Remake VII, and E3 2021 will be a very good place to announce it.

Talking about making Final Fantasy VII, it is possible that we can get a multiplatform announcement for the first part, because the exclusivity deals with Sony and Playstation lifted earlier this year. In short: there is a lot to be revealed by Square Enix during the show. Square Enix presents will live directly on YouTube and Twitch, but of course, we will also include the event as happened here in Slashgear.

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