Uber makes it easier to pick up in the exact location

Anyone who has taken more than a few rides uber will know how complicated things when you need to be picked up in a busy and foreign location. The call from the driver is all but guaranteed because they try to find the right location when you look out through the field of the car in the hope of seeing your driver. Now Uber is back with updates to help overcome this problem.

When a driver ordered a car, the application can put their pins near their location, but not exactly in the right place – for example, it ends in the middle of the road for some people. Uber has updated the driver and drivers so that drivers will now get more descriptive information about their driver’s location, and notifications about the side of the road where they are.

For example, Uber said that instead of giving a generic address driver to take motorists, they will begin to see more descriptive instructions that cover things like certain stores, help the driver determine more about the customer. Likewise, this application will explain the driver continues to the location of their pickup in the applicable instance.

In addition, Uber said he was handling several driver navigation struggles had reported. Updated drive applications allow drivers to view and choose from alternative routes that might be faster or shorter in distance. The company said that it also worked on traffic-based routing routes to help drivers avoid denser routes.

Beyond it, drivers now have options to change their navigation providers directly in uber applications, meaning they can use the service they want. Riders maintain the ability to follow routes with their own cellphones to keep an eye on where they go.

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