NASA said lunar dust was a big problem, but was working on a solution

The moon is full of dust, NASA studies during the Apollo mission, is a bigger problem than the dust you might meet on earth. While the dust of the earth is generally eroded into a dull and round form, small dust particles on sharp lunar surfaces and such as glass, making it as damaging human equipment. However, soon, NASA will start testing the solution to the problem.

NASA plans a big back to the moon in the coming years under his artemis program, which will include a manned and unmanned expedition on the surface of the moon. The space institution explained that he studied several loud lessons about dust months during the Apollo era; It is responsible for clogged equipment, it damages spaces, causing too hot radiators, and even disturbing the function of various instruments.

Technology is needed to reduce this problem if the room bodies hope to carry out a long-term mission on the moon, NASA explained, which is the place for the initiative of the Surface Innovation (LSII) in. Cross agent attempting is behind the development of technology designed for exploration of the month, including new technology that will help handle the moon abrasive dust particles.

NASA said that the LSII team evaluated passive and active technology that would help protect various types of equipment and systems from dust. This includes technology for things like spaceuits, rovers, and other hardware that will be affected by Regolith.

The space agency did not want to work alone, it noted, instead stating that he wanted partners throughout the industry to help develop mitigation technology. Some of these technologies have been under development and NASA plans to start testing it on the month of 2023. The technology system that is completed someday can also be used for the Mars mission.

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