The ‘Bulletin’ Facebook Bulletin Platform can be launched before the end of June

Facebook hopes to release a bulletin, taking bulletin subscription products such as Subslett, towards the end of June. According to Recode, the company plans to offer a free and paid platform version. Many of Facebook newsletters intend to publish will come from writers who focus on sports, fashion and the environment. They will also be a corner of local news in line with the company’s journalism project.

And while the company will use Facebook to the Market Bulletin, Recode says the platform will not live on social media networks. When you tap the bulletin link, it will open in a separate browser window. The reason for this is two, according to people who talk to outlets about the project. The first is that Facebook reportedly hoped to make a separate brand for the bulletin. The second is that the company wants to avoid paying the App Store commission to Apple and Google. For the author, Facebook reportedly reported the platform as a way to take advantage of an audience that was almost 2.9 billion strong people and to take advantage of its ability to target certain individuals to help them find paying readers.

Recode said Facebook has offered two-year journalist transactions, with options to go after the first 12 months, to convince them that it is committed to the project. In particular, the company reportedly went out of his way to avoid the recruitment of writers who covered political subjects.

“We want to do more to support journalists and independent experts who are building an online business and audience,” Campbell Brown, Vice President of Facebook for the global news partnership, told the New York Times when the platform news first came out. “We are exploring ways to help them benefit from the news products that we build, such as Facebook and subscribing news, while also building new tools to complete what journalists are useful.”

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