The Latest Batman / Fortnite Problems DC Comics offers free Deathstroke Gliders

DC Comics has released a fourth problem in Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point Mini-series, gives fans of the latest installments in expanded storylines, as well as the code to redeem the death glacier for free. Only two problems left in the series, with the fifth problem scheduled to be released shortly after the next Fortnite season arrived.

Epic works with DC comics to release a limited comic book series based on the events we saw in the previous fortnite season. The storyline revolved around Batman after Jones’s agent entered his dimension and took him to the Battle Royale Island. Batman doesn’t remember who he is or how he arrived on the island.

Comic books describe the aspects of the royale battleflow story that is missing from the actual game, giving fans more insight into the zero point plot. Comic books are also binding to the Batman universe, who already have several crossovers with Epic hit games. The fourth problem in Batman / Fortnite: The zero point comic book series was released on June 1.

As with previous problems, comic books – both print and digital editions – equipped with code that can be redeemed for items in the Fortnite game. This problem is equipped with Deathstroke Destreyer Glider, which is in accordance with the Deathstroke skin that arrives at the Fortnite Italian Store on June 1 1. The next two problems will offer Harley Quinn revenge again Bling and ax ax.

Assuming you get all six problems in the comic book series and you redeem every code, you will unlock Batman Zero Lapis Skin on July 6 when the last problem was released. Digital edition is available to pay unlimited DC Universe customers located in the US and which are not in a free trial period.

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