Xbox Game Pass confirms the ‘Lowkey’ partnership with Disney Plus

Update: Disney Plus will return as the Xbox Pass Ultimate Perk game. After the Xbox Game Pass Account Twitter Initially teases something in a way that is not borne, it has now been confirmed that every Xbox pass game of the Pamungkas user who has not subscribed to Disney Plus can take a free 30-day service trial.

The original story: It looks like the Xbox Ultimate Pass Pass video might accept new excitement involving Disney Plus.

Twitter’s Xbox Game Pass account teases that the new Xbox game Ultimate Perk is on its way, but instead of dropping a large announcement video, he decided to go with something more “lowkey”.

No need to detect to find out that the account actually refers to the Loki TV series, which came to Disney Plus on June 9. There is a strong chance that the Xbox Game Pass Butlcate Ultimate will receive a kind of freebie Disney Plus or an exclusive offer, but what can be seen.

This is not the first time Microsoft has offered Disney Plus as a customer. The free one-month trial was offered for New Disney Plus customers, but we hope to see something more substantial this time.

Video war

With news that Sony tested the PlayStation Plus Video Pass, which added a TV show library and film for customers to watch for free, it would make sense for Microsoft to return with its own tempting offer.

While we will be surprised if it happens, it will be a big victory for the Ultimate Xbox Game Pass if Disney Plus is inserted as part of the service, even if it is for a limited time. Disney Plus continues to increase popularity due to exclusive Star Wars and Marvel performances such as Mandalorian and Wandaavision, and it will make the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which is more tempting for new users.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a Microsoft Premium Tier Subscription Service and provides users access to the Xbox Game Pass on the console and PC. It also includes EA Play, Streaming Cloud Xbox and access to Xbox Live Gold.

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