Playdate Handheld approaches releases with price increases, new games, and video updates

Back in 2019, panic launched a handheld handheld device that was rather interesting called PlayDate. Unique handheld should be launched at a certain point in 2020 but unfortunately delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Now it looks like we finally approached the release of the PlayDate, but when launched later this year, it will arrive with a higher price label than anticipated at first.

In a post to Twitter at this time, Panic announced a new video update on the PlayDate – the first video update ever done, in fact. The video update will include a variety of topics, from the game that will be entered for free as part of the “Season One,” playdate game to be released for future platforms, information about pre-orders, and “some surprises.”

Livestream will occur at 9am PDT / 12:00 EDT on Tuesday, June 8. You will be able to watch the show through Livestream Youtube which we perverted above. There is no word on how long the presentation will take place, but based on a panic description, it seems like it will be a beautiful show.

In a follow-up tweet, panic clarified several things. First, the company said that the pre-command will not live immediately after the presentation, so those who want to get their hands do not need to worry about it. “We will give you a lot of warnings before leaving time,” added the company.

In addition, Panic said that the “final price” playdate was $ 179. When handed was first announced, the price was set at $ 149, so this was a price increase of $ 30. Maybe because the price increase was the fact that the internal playdate storage had doubled to 4GB , and the number of games included in the season someone has also multiplied to 24. All 24 of these games will be included with every playdate purchase without addition. cost.

So, it seems that the price increase may include the cost of carrying additional titles and strengthening handful internal storage. Chances are we will see some new games during panic presentations next week, so be sure to listen if you have followed the PlayDate for the past two years.

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