E3 2021 Jadwal Streaming Live Times: Bethesda, Capcom, Nintendo

After taking 2020 because of the Pandemic Covid-19, E3 back this year. While Sony and Microsoft did not have a large console to detail this time – Sony, for its part, was sitting E3 2021 completely – it still had to be a big show when we moved deeper into the generation of new consoles. Today, E3 organizers announce a full broadcast schedule for E3 2021, and it looks like it will be a beautiful show.

The event began on Saturday, June 12, with a rather quiet day compared to all the others. We will see Ubisoft’s advanced event starts at 12 noon PDT / 3 PM EDT, which will be followed by the E3 Gearbox showcase at 2 pm PDT / 5 PM EDT.

On Sundays, everything actually starts taking steam with what can say the biggest performances of the whole event: Xbox and Bethesda showcase game. That will happen to PDT 10 PADT / 1 afternoon, and it will be followed by the ENIX square present at 12:15 PDT / 3: 15:00 EDT. Then that day, we will have a PC game event and future game shows to stay tuned too.

On Monday, June 14, we will see presentations from various companies, including Verizon, Intellivision, Razer, Capcom, and Take-Two. In terms of the number of events, Monday is the biggest day for E3, but many of the events that day are scheduled to take place under an hour while large performances such as Ubisoft advanced, square enix gifts, and Xbox and Bethesda showcase scheduled to run closer to two hours.

Finally, on Tuesday, June 15, Nintendo will close things with the usual direct events and treehouse: Live, which will take almost throughout the day. This will be followed by the Bandai Namco presentation, game gamespot for all showcases, and official E3 2021 award performances.

Keep in mind that not every event is listed here. Digital Devolver Showcase, for example, is not on an official E3 schedule, but there may be a good reason for it because it is more adult oriented than any other showcase. We also have the Summer Game Fest Kickoff event to look forward to this Thursday, long before the official E3 conference. E3 also said that there will be interviews and panels that are not listed here too, so there will be many more people who are not registered on the schedule you see above.

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