Life in the queue: meet the gamers camping out for an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti across the US

Ray gets news on Wednesday that Best Buy will get a limited number of RTX 3080 TI graphics cards the next morning and he rushes to the Midtown Manhattan shop company, closest to dozens of stores nationally who receive money from one of the best graphics cards can buy. Lucky ray; The roped-off queue at the corner of 5th ave and W. 44th St is empty. He stood next door and stayed there for almost 20 hours.

“You do what you have to do, at the moment,” Ray told Techradar around 7am, Thursday morning, about half an hour before several shop employees came outside with leaflets printed and numbered individually who would guarantee that the carrier Can do it, buy one of the newly released graphics cards. The best purchase worker was flanked by two New York City Police officers. The battle is almost broken.

The line behind Ray has grown to more than 200 people at 8am, wrapping in the corner and running along the length of W. 44th St. Before curved to Madison Ave. That’s when the coveted leaflets – but there are only from them in total for stores, which include all New York cities and the surrounding metro area.

The months of low GPU inventories and intermittent charging have made desperate gamers to get the Nvidia Ampere Gen Nvidia Gen’s next graphics card, and to a lower level of AMD’s large Navi card. Track “Drops” and navigate digital queues or lottery overrun retailers with scalping bots have become the Will Exam, requires patience and a little luck.

But a physical bot cannot stand outside the best purchase of last night and in the morning, so the release of Thursday RTX 3080 IT has added the physical endurance to the host challenge facing gamers and PC fans who try to buy a new graphics card. Add to standard friction equipped with the types of product events and bitterness, frustration, and distrust can run rampant.

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Want RTX 3080 Ti today? Prepare yesterday

If you want RTX 3080 IT Thursday morning, you have to show the previous day and get it. That was what Emon Novin planned and Jairo Velasco to do the first two people to queue at Costa Mesa, Ca Best Buy, sat in a folding chair right outside the entrance. They arrived at around 10am, and really came from the micro center in Tustin nearby, where they had camped for the last two days waiting for the same June 3 drop – but they heard more RTX 3080 IT cards would be the best purchase and drove.

Novin claimed to have mentioned the best buying line and asked the road to the company’s stairs, finally got someone who said the location of Costa Mesa – one in seven in the state that sells cards on June 3 – has 64 units of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti supplies. At 17:45 on Wednesday, more than 80 people marched behind Novin and Velasco, waiting for the morning.

Is there enough cards to satisfy the line is a suspicion of anyone – a manager at the store refuses to comment, appoints techradar to the best official PR channel. But after months failed to get a graphics card because of brokers, bots, and bad luck at the Lottery retailer, sitting in an overnight queue for a guaranteed decline in a better physical location. It can get better overnight because people come out of the line.

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