Nintendo Switch Dock is not much compared to this playdate accessory

However, the Handheld Playdate console may not be on the market, but boys are building the latest hype – and Livestream from the panic maker console showing the PlayDate will not be a horse bangs.

In particular, it will be a four-trick bangs. Team members panic show off multi-faceted accessories for the Playdate console, which is a stand that can be connected magnetically to the handheld and fill the battery – like a wireless charging pad for smartphones.

Stand will also pack in stereo speakers, to play playdate games very hard, or music from the pre-installed playlist ‘summer track’ called PoolSuiteFM. Loath to Underdeliver, Panic also said the attitude will act as a pen holder, and there is even an official playdate pen (in the yellow iconic console) that you can put in it.

Stand is an interesting addition to the handheld console, and shows that the PlayDate has surpassed loose inspiration from a gameboy for his first game machine – moving to the best-selling Nintendo Switch area.

Nintendo Switch comes, of course, with the dock to charge and play on TV. While the playdate will not produce a TV through the dock, it can also be synchronized with PC / Mac / Linux applications to output on a computer screen in real time.

One of the track trademark features, is Kickstan, which allows players to limit the switch when using a joy-con controller at a short distance – a type of mini-TV experience to crowd around the table or with friends. Stand Playdate can capture the same Nintendo magic, as a colorful cube accessory with a small holder underneath that tilts it at a small angle towards the eye.

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