How to Make Employer life Eassy With Monitoring App

Monitoring system plays an essential role in determining the overall productivity and output of any organization. A well managed and strong employee monitoring system is not only beneficial for the employers and company but can also be advantageous in employees interest perspective. The old and custom monitoring system are still in use in many countries and no doubt have their advantages, but there are many new tools and systems introduced in this sector. One of them is the introduction of a spy app or monitoring software. A spy app can do many things for you. It gives you the magical power to keep an eye on the target person 24/7. Different monitoring apps are available in the market which offers different packages or features at different prices. You need to smartly choose one of the app and boom you have the power of keeping the check on all your employees at any given time. One of the best monitoring app that we are here to discuss is The OgyMogy. You can have the Mac version or Windows version according to your needs and also has the android version which can be used in the cell phone to keep close tabs on the employees.

Keep Them Busy With  Work:

Time is money and employees should not waste time and resources at any useless activity.OgyMogy can report you about any employee who is not doing their work properly or wasting time. With Screen recording feature you can check the screen of all the employees in real-time. That’s right, make surprise digital visits and check their routine activities.Screen recoding feature saves it in the form of short video recordings or snapshots of the screen.

No Following No Tweeting:

OgyMogy has specific spy apps that aim to monitor the social media activities of the employees. You can check the digital footprints of the employees by using the Facebook  app, Whatsapp spy app, Skype app, Twitter spp, Instagram spy app, and many more. It records the activity, voice book, and chat history of the account holder, thus employees will be careful about their social media activities.

Confidentially Is the Must Have:

Ideas and secrets are important and should be safe with the employees. So every employers want the loyalty of their employees. Make sure your employees are loyal to you and your company by getting some help with of app. You can track all the keystrokes applied on the target person device with the keylogging feature of OgyMogy. It keeps the record of all the ids and passwords typed on the device. Thus get access to official emails, inbox and sent items an attachment to ensure that no one is sharing secret information with any outsider.

Punctuality Is The Key To Succes:

Employee monitoring app can help you to maintain a punctual time table to follow for your employees. It has the location tracking feature which allows the user to track the whereabouts of the target person at any given time.You can track the employees’ movements on google map. Mark safe and restricted zone virtually on google map to know about any kind of suspicious meeting of your employees.

Eliminate Any Kind of Harassment or Bullying:

A healthy environment is necessary for the employees to work efficiently without any external pressure.OgyMogy can help you with that. It allows the user to listen to the target person surroundings voices with listen to surround app feature. You can listen to all the chats and discussions, meetings, etc around the target person mic, as it bugs the mic of the smartphone.  Track any bully in the team, and make sure every employee has a safe and healthy environment to work.

No Entertainment Sites In Official Hours:

Internet is a wild source of distraction and employees can waste precious time in useless browsing. So OgyMogy gives access to the user to keep an eye on the online activities of the target persons. Keep a check on the websites visited by employees in the office hours and ban entertaining sites which can be a source of time and source wastage.Tracking app also allows the user to have access to the bookmarked folder of the employees as well.

OgyMogy offers different packages, just select the desired one and install the app in the target devices by following simple steps.

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