New York Times accidentally posted articles about watermelon on Mars

Yesterday, June 8, New York Times briefly published a story titled ‘Field of Watermelons found on Mars, police said.’ The article was immediately removed, but not before a number of people found it, archiving it, and speculating about what it means. Article page Since then has been replaced with notification of error notification that the article was published accidentally – and, yes, the content was completely fake.

Popular news media are currently being invested in the upcoming ‘UFO’ report, the government is expected to be released later this month, as well as reports of non-human vehicles operating in military air space and more. It might make the New York Times article even more funny, because it briefly talks about ‘aliens’ and why they blame the watermelon masses from Mars.

“The FBI declined to comment on the rainfall watermelon report down, but confirmed that Kiwi was intercepted. This story is very boring, ‘the article version rang. The title appeared on Google News, where he was first seen by people in futurism.

Because you might have guessed, the article is nonsense and mistakenly posted to the website, with a new York Times spokesman who tells the futurism of content is an artistic article, not a real reporting. The company team is testing its content system and accidentally publishes fake articles on direct websites.

If you visit the article URL now, it has a notification that states, “Artificial articles intended for testing systems accidentally published on this page before.” Even though the story is strange, it is not surprising – this type of test article deliberately consists of nonsense so no one will think they are for real reporting.

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