Most workers want to make it illegal to force employees to go to the office

Most workers support changes in laws that will make it illegal for businesses to force employees to work from the office, according to new research.

After the recent locking survey of the OKTA Identity Company has found that workers want more freedom to choose how, and where, they work – with Hybrid work solutions is increasingly popular. However, the study of more than 10,000 office workers, including 2,000 from the UK, revealed that many who felt employers would be reluctant to offer more flexibility.

About 79% of those who were questioned for this study wanted the law to change so that it became illegal to force employees to work from the office. However, 48% want exceptions, including emergency service workers. Meanwhile, 31% thought it had to oppose the law no matter what work happened.

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The British government is currently reviewing post-locking work landscapes and is discussing the best way to implement new laws. This can include ‘right to disconnect’, which allows workers to have more sounds in decisions about working from home or location other than offices.

Work flexibly

“Many British people spend more than a year after the rules and work from home,” said Samantha Fisher, Head of Dynamic Work in Okta. “In the future, it is clear they want the freedom to work on their own terms, whether it returns to the office, working remotely, or a mixture of both.

Changes in the law will put the choice in the hands of employees, and provide the organization the opportunity to conduct an assessment, reevaluate the process, and allow better methods that support multi-location strategies. “

Not all workers can entertain more flexible ideas to work, with 36% of those surveyed revealing that they want to remain in the office, or cannot do their work from other places. Okta conducted a similar survey back on May 2020, and at that time only 24% of workers said they wanted to return to the full time work office.

British workers are certainly more pro-remote working than their European colleagues. In the UK, 19% hope to work from home permanently, higher than the Netherlands (12%), Switzerland (14%) and France (15%). 43% Brits which are quite large also prefer a hybrid approach to work, with a combination of offices and hours of home.

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