Lockheed Martin won a $ 1 billion contract to operate and maintain SBIR

Lockheed Martin was very happy after receiving a $ 1 billion contract that would see it operate and maintain a land control system from a space-based infrared system or the SBIR land control center. The US Space Force announced a contract in June 4. SBIRS is a component in the DOD missile warning network designed to detect the launch of ballistic missiles.

This system has two infrared sensors in elliptical orbit and five satellites in geosinkron orbit. Lockheed Martin has been the main contractor for SBIR since the mid-1990s. The fifth satellite for the system launched on May 18, and the sixth and last SBIR satellite is currently being produced and is expected to be launched in 2022.

The $ 1 billion contract is a five-year single source contract for the operation and maintenance of the Sbirs mission control center at the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado. This network also has an operating center at Peterson Air Force Base and Greely Air’s National Guards Station. Lockheed Martin officials said contracts include logistical support for the existing basic system and the increase needed to operate the last two satellites in the constellations.

The Space Force is currently planning to switch to a new network of missile warnings known as infrared persistent overhead the next generation and a new land control system called the evolution of the capacity that is operational. Lockheed Martin was contracted to produce a trio of the geosinchronous satellite infrared generation of the next generation.

The first new satellite is expected to be launched in 2025. Lockheed Martin’s new contract funds for $ 1 billion to maintain and maintain infrastructure for land control systems that are operational and to ensure the deployment of the last two satellites in the network for the original constellation.

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