‘Kota Knockout’ is free for new players until they reach level 25

When EA released Knockout City earlier this month, it gave everyone the opportunity to try it for free until May 30. If you miss a limited time promotion, you now have another chance to check the Dodgeball multiplayer game before paying $ 20 that the cost to unlock the full experience.

This week, you can download Knockout City and play for free until you level your “Ranking Road” to Level 25. It must give you enough play time to decide whether you want to spend money on the game. Naturally, all your progress will be carried to the full version. It should also be noted you can get Knockout City through the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate and EA Play. And if you have a friend playing game on a system that you don’t have, don’t let it discourage your heart from trying Knockout City. With support for cross play, there is no need for you and all your friends play on the same platform.

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