Google Floc Privacy Sandbox promises not to have backdoors

Over the past few years, Google has fought against Cookie Web browser, especially cross-third party tracking sites that violate user privacy directly. Of course, such cookies are also used by advertising platforms, which means even Google must find or create alternatives. That’s exactly like the sandbox of privacy and the Federate Learning of cohorts or floc is for and, it is not surprising, they produce no little criticism for it. Google now promises that it will not violate its own rules but advocacy of privacy and rival technology companies still have not bought it.

Floc basically trades individual tracking for tracking groups, cohorts that you have based on similar chrome search history. Although it may seem to respect the online privacy of people, some still find weaknesses in the framework that Google itself can be exploited for its advertising business.

Digiday reported that Google VP and GM for Jerry Dischler ads made a public appointment that Google would not build a backdoor to be flock and play with the same rules, he expects advertisers and other partners to follow. This will use the same Privacy Sandbox Api for its own advertising and metrics, Exec said at a virtual marketing event. Not surprisingly, there are several in the advertising technology industry who are not satisfied with the comments.

For one, Chrome and Chromium, where Floc will be implemented, is a kind of gray area when it comes to Google property “owned and operated”. Google has ordered the right to use individual user data from its first party property and Chrome may be under that category, with or without flok. And then it is possible that Google can change its pit in the near future, as shown in the past.

Advocates of privacy and consumer rights also have problems with all ideas behind Floc in the first place. Some criticize the system as hiding the actual privacy violations behind the cohort and are not really effective in protecting users against advertisers, including Google. There is also the fact that Floc only works on Chrome and uses the Google advertising platform, provides almost unfair excellence compared to other advertising platforms and browsers.

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