Thor: Love and Guntur have finished filming – this is a new set photo

Thor: Love and thunder have finished filming in Australia, it has been confirmed. Star Chris Hemsworth posted a photo of himself as the character with the director Taika Westiti and marked the end of the filming by renting the fourth film Thor.

“The movie is going to be crazy about the funny wall and could also pull a heart string or two,” Hemsworth wrote next to his Instagram station. “A lot of love, a lot of thunder! Thanks to all the casting and crew that made this other amazing marvel. Buckle, get ready and see in cinemas !!”

You will notice that Thor is not in its traditional costume and is dressed more like a wrestler or a pop star of the years 1990. Thor: Love and thunder will present Natalie Portman taking the hammer of Thor in his first appearance MCU from THOR : The dark world, while Christian Bale plays Gorr Boucher of God, a bad guy who, in comics hunted various gods and assassina over several years.

Tessa Thompson will also resume his role as Valkyrie, while Russell Crowe, Jaimie Alexander and various tutors from the actors of the galaxy should reappear. Some more surprises have been revealed via defined photos – but we will save those of the finished movie, which you can go on May 6, 2022.

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Thor marks the first time a Solo MCU series reached its fourth entrance – many ways, Thor: Ragnarok felt like a gentle reset of the character and his world, establishing Thor as a more infused sub-solity of comedy In this world of movies. We expect Waititi to do something similar, here – especially if the tone of Thor’s costumes is something to judge.

At the same time, Watitii clearly has a lot of love for the source material, especially the Jason Aaron writer race. This included the transformation of Jane Foster in Thor and the Gorr the story of the butcherie of God – and lived from funny to the wild and return, which could be what the director goes here.

Anyway, it’s probably the MCU movie that we are the most excited over the next two years.

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