Exterra and Sentricon are the world’s two most usual termite bait system used by professionals. They both function somewhat various, however with the same basic principle. The Sentricon System uses a system that’s called Sentricon “Always Active”.

Originally the Sentricon system was a plastic lure station with a small piece of wood in the centre which functioned as an attractant. To carry out an inspection, that item of timber required removing, which would undoubtedly disrupt the termites. This naturally became bothersome since it would indeed lead to the termites either retreating from the station or possibly spreading in other places. Troubling termites is never encouraged as it can worsen the issue (they spread).

In some cases, you would certainly have the ability to replace the wood without triggering excessive disturbance, and also the system would certainly function. Various other times it wouldn’t.

Throughout the years, companies obtained smarter, as well as designs boosted.

The Exterra bait terminals, as an example, made a much-enhanced system that placed the lumber on the outside of the system, instead of on the inside. This was beneficial for two factors. First of all, unlike the Sentricon System, the lumber remains in direct contact with the dirt, that makes it less complicated (and also more likely) for termites to find it. Second of all, deep space within the centre of the system is where the actual lure is positioned, which suggests when you examine each terminal, you merely remove the cap, check for termites, add even more bait, as well as there’s no interruption. This implies that termites are much less most likely to spread elsewhere since they’re not being disturbed, which is optimal.

When the Exterra system was released, the strike rate on termites enhanced drastically.

Below is a picture of the Exterra Baiting System

Having said all that, gradually, the Sentricon systems have improved significantly. They now have a termite reticulation system station on the marketplace called “Sentricon Always Energetic”.

Sentricon Always Active now utilizes what we describe as a “bait rod”, which approaches a thin cake of soap. No longer do they use little strips of lumber, just the actual bait. The benefit of this system is that it’s “constantly active”. If the termites get in the terminal and begin feeding on the bait pile, that’s wonderful. That pole is active with a specialized chemical that will undoubtedly impact the colony, and also subsequently eradicate the issue.

There is one tiny disadvantage though, and that’s the size of the Sentricon terminal contrasted to the Exterra terminal. The Sentricon units are smaller sized than the Exterra units, so naturally, you’re unable to fit as much bait right into them.

Below is a picture of the Sentricon “Always Active” System


When termites are inside a house, we utilize what’s called an “above-ground” lure box. Above ground, lure boxes are set up tactically in residence– usually near or around impacted areas in an initiative to exterminate the close-by termite swarm.

The Exterra over ground bait box system is double the size of the Sentricon lure box, which suggests you’re generally feeding the termites double the quantity of bait, which is what you desire. The Sentricon above-ground system is “constantly active” which means that you don’t have to check the stations as often.

As a professional termite professional, that’s a trouble for me, because I have seen termites eat through one of those lure rods in 3 to four weeks. This certainly can result in concerns, considered explicitly that a lot of inexpensive parasite control companies advise just inspecting the terminals every three months. This is nonsense because when the lure is gone, the termites will transfer to various other areas of the property looking for food.

I still favour the Exterra lure system, because it’s serviced regular monthly, as well as they, have a high strike price.


The Sentricon Always Active system is more expensive than the Exterra system, however they promote a cheaper upkeep routine which indeed suggests just performing inspections every three months. As already discussed, this can lead to issues, mainly if the bait is consumed from the terminal before that time.

When we set up termite bait terminals, we install them as part of a twelve-month program with monthly evaluations. So as an example, right here’s a comparison in between the two.

Most homes cost around $3,000 to have termite lure terminals installed, consisting of maintenance as well as maintenance which we’ll cover in just a minute. Undoubtedly costs could differ relying on the sort of home, the format of the lawn and the seriousness of the problem etc. Given that, right here’s what’s relatively usual–.

Exterra System– $3,000.

For $3,000, an Exterra system will undoubtedly consist of the preliminary examination, setup of the lures, servicing, re-baiting and also tracking every month for twelve months.

Sentricon System– $4,000.

The Sentricon system will undoubtedly consist of the same. Still, it will just include monitoring every three months, only since the element expense to us as insect controllers is three times the price of the Exterra system. As already stated, it’s marketed in a way that advertises just needing to “inspect the terminals every three months”. No matter that, for customers picking the Sentricon system, we continuously suggest having the stations checked each month. This after that indicates that the Sentricon system exercises more pricey– coming in at closer to $4,000.


For the majority of homes, we usually recommend the Exterra baiting terminals, not just because they’re even more affordable, but also because the stations themselves are more prominent and can hold much more lure. Along with that, we feel that the Exterra systems are much better created. The hardwoods, (Tasmanian oak), are in straight contact with the ground. So naturally, as termites travel through the dirt, they’re more probable to discover the bait and also start feeding. It just works far better inline with the natural foraging routines of termites.

Whereas the Sentricon terminal, it’s plastic– they’ve reached undergo the plastic grill, after that, they have reached enter into the centre of the airport to gain access to the lure pole.


A few various other vital items to note are that termite bait systems are risk-free, non-harmful, so they’re secure for pets and also household. They do not have any odour as well as they’re simply one of the most reliable techniques of termite inspection on the marketplace in Australia today. Again, effective therapy is heavily dependent upon regular examinations. It’s unworthy running the risk of a few hundred bucks to have your termite lure stations examined every 2 or 3 months.

Get them checked frequently to make sure ample defence for your home.

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