Does Your Car Insurance Cover Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a joyous occasion for people around the world. With the kind of year we’ve had, we all could use some Christmas miracle and begin the new year happy and healthy. When talking about Christmas, a few things that may pop in your head are a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, lightings, and many gifts.

Well, when it comes to holiday gifts, most people tend to buy them beforehand and keep them hidden until Christmas day. Now, if your car’s boot space is your hiding spot for all your Christmas presents, what would you do if your vehicle is stolen on/before the big day? Not only will you lose out on your precious possession, but gone will be the expensive and meaningful gifts that you bought for your loved ones.

Hey! Don’t be sad. We are not here to damper your Christmas spirit. In fact, we are here to ease your worries. What if we tell you that most car insurance plans provide coverage for the loss of personal belongings? Sounds relieving, we know.

So, whether it is your presents for Christmas or other personal belongings, know that you will be compensated for the loss incurred if you have the following things under your name –

  1. A comprehensive car insurance plan
  2. Loss of personal belongings add-on benefit

We understand that third party car insurance plans are cheap, and you get to save a fortune when you purchase the policy. However, the coverage provided by third party car insurance plans is limited. It only covers third-party liabilities and does not allow you to enhance the scope of the plan.

On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance plans cover third-party liabilities as well as own vehicle damage. You can also enhance the scope of the policy with several add-on covers. One such add-on cover that you can consider purchasing is the loss of personal belongings add-on benefit.

With this cover, you can get compensation for the loss incurred for your personal belongings such as laptops, mobile phones, and other expensive Christmas presents. So, you can check with your insurer right away and see whether your comprehensive policy covers personal belongings such as Christmas gifts or do you have to buy an add-on cover for the same.

However, note that you have to pay an additional premium amount for each add-on benefit you choose on your comprehensive car insurance plan. If you are worried about how much the overall cost of the policy will be, use the car insurance calculator to determine the same.

Besides this, having a loss of personal belonging add-on cover is a worthy investment over and above your basic car insurance plan. Not only will you be able to safeguard your expensive Christmas gifts but keep your other belongings safe in the future. Also, a few other rider benefits that you can consider buying include zero depreciation cover, engine protection cover, no claim bonus (NCB) protection cover, return to invoice cover, etc.

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