Details of the US nuclear arsenal leak through the application

As you would expect, there are a large number of protocols and procedures that must be followed for soldiers responsible for nuclear weapons and US nuclear abilities. There are many protocols that must be known by the army without the need to use the manual or note. Some soldiers reportedly relied on many flashcard applications available for various smartphone platforms.

Unfortunately, some of the secrets surrounding the United States nuclear Arsenal reportedly leaked by this application. The report shows that the flash card found in this application revealed not only the base where nuclear weapons were stored but identified a refuge in the base with a “hot” dome that might contain nuclear weapons. Flashcards reported leaking very secret details such as security protocols, camera positions, patrol frequencies around the vault, secret pattern words that show when guards are threatened, and unique identifiers need to enter the area.

The publication called BellingCat said that by finding online terms known publicly to be associated with nuclear weapons, he could find a card used by military personnel serving in six European military bases reported to store nuclear weapons. The publication claimed to have approached experts who said the findings were serious violations of security protocols.

A researcher said that while the existence of a flash card was a violation of striking security practices related to US nuclear weapons in NATO countries, the confidentiality of the spread of nuclear weapons in Europe was not to protect weapons but to protect military politicians and military leaders about whether nuclear sharing settings entered sense today.

Bellingcat said that some flash cards found during their investigation were available online since 2013. Some detailed process sets were reportedly studied by recent users as April 2021. whether the details on the flash card were changed or not. Flashcard is reported now derived from the learning platform.

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