The spatial plane aims to take you anywhere in the world in one hour.

A company called Venus Aerospace Corp was pursuing the field of hypersonic space that has the potential to bring people from Los Angeles to Tokyo in about an hour. The trip on the proposed spacecraft will take off from the ground like a conventional plane and fly to high roaming heights. Once at the height of the roam, the rocket booster will turn on and push the plane to the edge of the space of more than 9000 mph.

It’s about 12 times the speed of sound. The plane will travel with extraordinary speed for about 15 minutes before sliding into the atmosphere to slow down and finally landing at conventional airports just like taking off. Venus was founded by a pair of former Virgin Orbit LLC employees, and the company currently has 15 own employees.

Most workers have space veterans. Efforts to create spacecraft have failed in the past, but the team believes their efforts will work. The company points to a more efficient machine that allows aircraft to handle extra weight equipped with wings, landing wheels, and jet engines to take off and landing.

Venus admitted that it was not close to doing flight tests, and the shape of the plane was still in the process. Testing the scale model is set to start this summer, and Venus has obtained a research grant from the US Air Force. The company also looks for funds from the Department of Defense. After that it raises enough money to complete the project, the company believes it will take about a decade or more.

Venus also admitted there was a mystery with their business plan. It is not clear how much aviation costs and if enough people will be willing to pay premiums that might be significant compared to conventional flights to save a few hours.

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