Date mass effect, but still worth playing today

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts and BioWare published a legendary mass edition, a compilation that compensates the three matches of the original mass trilogy and offers them all – with their DLC – in a package. It is a quite ambitious release, especially since it concerns the original mass effect. The impressive efforts of Bioware to update the first mass effect for the modern era have not completely saved the match to feel dated, but despite the fact that even a remastered mass effect shows its age to a certain extent It’s always worth playing today.

Mass effect, after all, is a game of a different hour. During the chronological mass effect, Bioware was already a big name of the industry through games like the Baldur Gate, the unemployed nights, the Knights of the Old Republic and maybe better known – but Always very wonderful – Jade Empire. The expectations were high and it is prudent to say that Bioware was delivered, as a mass effect launched to revive criticism and generated a trilogy that had only better with each new release (for the most part, at least but There will be no mass effect speech 3 controversial termination here).

Playing by mass effect in the legendary edition, it is clear that Bioware was always to know what he wanted the mass effect to be with this first entry of the series. The following two games in the trilogy are much more polished and fluid than the original. Fighting in these last two games felt much better, and of course, there is also the fact that the mass effect was heavily resting on a vehicle called Mako for a planetary exploration, which did not control very well in the original version of the original version of the original version of the original version of the original version of the original version of Game.

Fortunately, all those who hated the Mako had not had to deal with subsequent mass games. It was not in the mass effect 2 or 3, probably because of the negative feedback it received as a result of a mass effect 1. Even in the legendary edition, Bioware updated the Vehicle controls to feel less horrible. Since it has been years and years since I played on the mass effect, I do not remember exactly what made the mako so horrible to drive, but I remember that the vehicle does not remember was not as bad as people who were affirmed once you get used to. .

Even with a better manipulation of Mako and a combat updated, the first mass effect still manages to feel the most distinct of the games of the trilogy. There is a certain ruin quality – the quality of the edges in the first game that is not present in the other two. Combat, everything improved, always feels a little awkward. Shepard – Specifically, the default male shepart often makes strange faces during conversations. Sometimes NPCs can also feel like exposure distributors, which can lead to discussions that do not feel particularly realistic.

All these things have improved in the effect of mass 2 and 3, at least as far as my memory serves. It’s been years since I’ve been playing any of these games, but I remember trying to start a mass effect on several occasions to break it because it did not feel Very good to play and not look good – especially in comparison with its suites. The legendary edition also changes that, giving mass effect a cool paint layer that, in my opinion, seems really good.

Even if there is a certain degree of clunkiness still present in the original mass effect, it is worth it to be played today. He does a good job of starting the trilogy and sometimes he feels more concentrated than one or other of his suites. It may be because the total threat of the reapbrats will not be realized before games later – in the mass effect 1, the players are mainly concerned about the stop of Saren, while the return of the reappearing feels more distant than in the mass effect 2.

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