Netflix Top 10 The most monitored films ever existed is a strange group

Netflix has updated its list of the top 10 most observed movies on its platform. The list, which is surmounted by extracting featured, Chris Hemsworth, is attached to five other positive classified films on rotten rotten tomatoes. Four others (confidential spenden, dies mystery, midnight sky and 6 underground) are classified rot – which means that critics were more mixed on movies.

The list, which is based on the number of households monitored each film in the first four weeks, it is available, has clearly been asymmetrical by pandemic visualization. Seven of the ten films were released in March 2020 or later – and the most recent addition is Zack Snyder’s military army, which binds the tenth place with the midnight sky of George Clooney.

Here is the list, the deadline, with the number of households in the first four weeks per film for two or more minutes:

Extraction – 99 million


Confidential Spendser – 85 Millions

6 Underground – 83 million


The old guard – 78 million

Enola Holmes – 76 million

Project Power – 75 million

(Tie) the midnight sky and the military army – 72 million

Note that the military army is a projected number, since the film has only a few weeks.

The mystery of murder, in case you have forgotten, it was a comedy film 2019 featuring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, while the 2018 bird box was a post-apocalyptic thriller Sandra Bullock. And Underground was Michael Bay’s first action film for Netflix and landed in December 2019.

All other films in the top 10 are then released after February 20, 2020.


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What is the list on our Netflix viewing habits?

We all needed something to look in 2020 and in the first half of 2021, and Netflix was there for us. All these movies were not all of these movies, but they felt enough like “real” movies that you would see on the big screen they filled the gaps – and the viewers clearly scrapped them.

The old guard and extraction gave us meat action sequences while the MCU went on hiatus. The midnight sky scraped our itch for a sci-fi movie weighing, even if it was not addra. Enola Holmes offered a family film critically received, while there was no real competition.

Netflix was still wanted to gain a pandemic that had stuck to us in the middle of the year – but in court, many of these films were rather good, or at least, good enough. It will be interesting to see which Original Netflix, if any, will crack the next top 10 that the theaters reopen around the world.

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