Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch considerably reduces the download size of the game.

One of the largest complaints about modern games today is the massive size of the required downloads. Take the new Microsoft flight simulator, for example. The initial download for the game was 170 gigabytes. Even on a fast Internet connection, a download of this size would take a significant duration. Consider that many of the United States has “broadband” speeds that are not considered broadband in many parts of the world and mass downloads are a significant disadvantage for players.

Microsoft knows that a massive download is not ideal and has released a new fix for Flight Simulator that reduces the initial full download for the game from 170 gigabytes to 83 gigabytes. The new fix is ​​, also called Sim Update 4. Microsoft says the team has made optimizations for the initial download of the game to reduce its size. Although a reduction of dozens of gigabytes is definitely welcome, a download of 86 gigabytes is always a large file.

Online official specifications for the game indicate that you need 150 gigabytes on the hard disk for installation. The Microsoft Store page for the game indicates that it measures 127.01 gigabytes. Microsoft Flight Simulator has been around for months now and has a wealth of play content.

The game has been rented for its photorealistic graphics that allow you to see individual buildings in the field in many areas. Airports are also incredibly detailed until the Taxiways marking signaling. The game is one of the most technologically advanced titles, and fans hope that Microsoft has new ads to reveal during E3. With the new update, the fans of the slower connections will be less frustrated during preparation for reading.

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