Cruella sequel Movie is already in the work in Disney

Disney released the Antihero Cruella film at the end of May and it has proven success for the company. Disney reported that ‘very happy’ with film success so far, including ‘strong’ performance at Disney + Premier Access Streaming Platform. So it is not surprising that Disney has been looking for the future with a sequel in the early stages of development.

Uella, of course, based on the character of Disney Classic animation 101 Dalmations. The character is slightly different in live-action films, which are now among all remakes direct Disney actions in terms of popularity. Fans were introduced to the young Estella because he aims to make a name for himself in the fashion industry.

Disney praised the film in a statement for deadlines, who reported that Director of Craigla Craig Gillespie and the film writer Tony McNamara ‘expected’ to return to the sequel. We don’t know anything about the next film and it will likely be a few years before it runs into the cinema. In his statement, Disney said:

We are very happy with the success of the box office cruella, along with a strong Disney + Premier Performance Performance until now. The film has been very well received by the audience throughout the world, with a 97% audience score on rotten tomatoes in addition to a demographic from Cinemascore at the opening weekend, the ranking is among the most popular Live-Action recall. We look forward to the long term because the audience continues to enjoy this fantastic film.

This will not be the only Live-Action Disney remake to get a sequel; Both Aladdin and Lion King get a sequel, for example. Likewise Maleficent, based on criminals from Sleeping Beauty, received a sequel in 2019 titled Madam Crime.

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