5 new films & series to watch on the Indian OTT platform this weekend

There are very many interesting and interesting web series. But among them, only a few continued to get cult status. Among the foreign web series, Game of Thrones, Heist Money, Bad Breaking, Friends et al owned by this league. In India, which is a recent newcomer for the world of Web Series, people like Mirzapur, Sacred Games are very popular. And then there is a family man. It was a big hit in his first season last year. And when the second season fell this week before the designated day, it did not need to say, monopolize all the center of attention.

This week’s recommendation list is dominated by it. But we also have for you Malayalam Hit Kho Kho, an attractive web series crime next door, The Telugu Dubbed Version Malayalam Movie Kala and Telugu Film Straight Balamitra.

Synopsis: The first season, of the 10 episodes, it feels like a big success. The second season, with 9 episodes, it was about the main headline for intentional controversy with the fiery part of Tamils ​​which was cut with the alleged representation of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). The series’s biggest success is that he managed to tell the story of a family man even when the background was all with an international terror drama full of action. It takes time, both in terms of writing and direction. And for the lid, episodes also have homely humor about them.

In the second season, Manoj Bajpayee returned to the character of the iconic Common-Man of Srikant Tiwari. This season is also the Samantha Star Akineni as the main antagonist. If the first season is around Kashmir, this season, he crosses South to Chennai.

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