Fortnite this season, 7 teasers revealed alien pistols, took Jab in Superman

Epic has released the second chapter 2 – Season 7 teaser, which is similar to the first teaser but with a large twist: this reveals what appears to be a piece of alien technology. The audio log takes Jab in Superman and includes a pair of glasses in a tractor beam. But it looks behind the glass, is a type of new pistol.

The new teaser comes in a short animated form, one featuring the same tractor beam that we saw in the first trailer, as well as three objects: guitar, glasses, and weapons. Message, written as a log of observation from an alien perspective, noted that glasses seem to allow aliens to mingle with the Battle of Royale Island.

This shows that aliens are already on the island this season, even though they are disguised. More importantly is weapons displayed on the right side of the object: it’s clearly futuristic and it seems to be part of alien technology. These instructions are in this type of weapon that we can pay attention to in the following season, although it is not clear whether all items will be futuristic.

The following season, which will be aired on June 8, titled ‘They came,’ which refers to aliens who have found the island Battle Royale. These aliens are currently kidnapping players from the map, restoring their health, and then radiant to other parts of the map. It is not clear how their presence will change with the following season.

The player has the rest of the day and tomorrow to complete their challenges and unlock any skin and the battle level they want. Fortnite crew customers will get the next battle pass as part of a subscription, while everyone will be able to buy it with V-Bucks starting Tuesday.

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