Also the 3 HBO Max Premiere is only available for certain customers

Tomorrow, June 4, will bring the premiere of the anticipated supernatural horror film and previously delayed magic: Devils made me do it. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, who survive with the theater / hybrid streaming launch approach for 2021. If you still feel comfortable to the cinema, you can vice versa can watch the show with HBO with HBO. Maximum subscription.

Suntur: Devils made me do it initially scheduled to release last September, but – like with many other films – delayed due to a pandemic. Now, a few months later, the film finally entered the theater release in the US on June 4.

This film will also be available to flow in HBO Max tomorrow. Assuming you plan to stream movies, you will need a standard package of $ 14.99 / month, with HBO note that you will not be able to stream movies on premiere days if you have a cheaper advertising support plan option.

This film will be about streaming services for standard package users at Midnight Pacific Time, the usual time for Digital Premieres hybrids. Of course, the option also keeps looking at movies in the cinema, assuming your area mostly back and running after pandemic restrictions.

Warner Bros. decision to launch his theater film at HBO Max on the same day as the theater is temporary and will only take place this year. We have seen premiers and early digital streaming from other companies too, but HBO MAX is unique: You don’t have to pay anything out of monthly package fees for watching new content.

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