Netflix has live-production facilities direct action in Mumbai – the first time global

In the first global for Netflix, Mumbai will be home to full post-production facilities that are fully owned, full action, full. This facility will operate in June 2022.

The facility, Netflix said, “will have 40 offline editing rooms designed as a flexible, collaborative and inspirational environment for exhibitions, directors, editors and sound designers to create their best work.”

This adds that the facility will pioneer the workflow of advanced media management which will enable unlimited partnerships with Indian post-production communities.

“We want to continue to contribute to the creative community of India. Our aim is to continue to improve the overall experience for our talents and partners, and equip them with the best resources to tell authentic stories in the most interesting way,” Netflix said.

41 new releases on Netflix in India this year

“We are happy that Mumbai will return to this beautiful creative room. It strengthens our commitment to the Indian entertainment industry when we continue to empower the Creator with the best resources to tell great stories,” Venkalatanan, Netflix India), quoted said in a media statement company.

Can be recalled that he launched NetFx last year, a platform that allows many Indian artists to work on VFX for the title globally. “We invest in the latest technology and skills development through various certifications and training workshops in post-production, writing scripts and other aspects of creative production.”

Recently, Netflix announced the largest slate for India. As part of 2021 content slate, the platform has lined up 41 titles throughout the film, series, comedy, documentary, and reality.

This month, is getting ready to release Tamil Biggie Jagame Thandiram. Action Premier film in Dhanush-Starrer on June 18.

Netflix and Indian gameplan

Netflix saw India as one of its biggest markets. It invests the RS 3,000 Crore in local programming of 2019 and 2020. It launches the Streamfest, which allows free streaming for all, and managed to get 8 Lakh’s new application downloads in a week ago. In September last year, once again on Global First, Netflix India partnered with Jio to offer a free cellphone subscription for post-paid customers.

“India is the only country where we launched the only plan. This country is a pillar for us. With a large population of rising, upscale and all the entertainment we can create from India, it is an important game in Netflix books, “The company said at that time.

But Netflix also found the Indian market that was difficult to crack. “In India, we are still finding out,” said CEO CEO Netflix recently.

“We are still learning. You know, we have done some price experiments in India, and I would say we mostly focus on getting suitable content and getting wider content. So that’s why I say that one more speculative investment than said Korea or Japan, “he said.

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