Amazon Prime Day 2021 Turku 21-22 June

Prime Amazon customers always have days to look forward to every year where Amazon marks the price of a number of devices on its website. The premiere of 2021 occurred on June 21 to 22, starting summer with some of the best offers in savings that the main members would see throughout the year. Amazon said the two-day shopping experience will offer more than 2 million transactions in each category available on the website.

The category will include fashion, electronics, toys, home decorations, automotive, and more. Some initial agreements and promotions have occurred before the official kickoff. During the conscious day, the seller will offer more than one million offers, and for two weeks leading to shopping events, Amazon will offer $ 10 credit for use on the day of government to members who spend at least $ 10 with a small trademark in the Amazon store.

Credit can be obtained between June 7 and June 20 through a curated small business storefront at Prime Day began at PDT at night on June 21 and ran until June 22. Amazon’s first member in the US, UK, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Belgium, Austria and Australia can participate.

Amazon said it has a sales partner community from nearly 2 million small and medium businesses from all over the world. Third party sellers represent around 60 percent of sales on Amazon. Giant Online said in 2020, he invested more than $ 18 billion in its logistics network, tools, services, programs, and teams to help third-party sellers develop in their ecosystem. For 2021, more than 300,000 sellers qualified to spend $ 10, get promotion of $ 10. Amazon said it was more than twice since last year.

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