A Picture Is a Poem Without The Words

A picture is a poem without the words; the most popular quote by Horace speaks all truth. Generally, both the words and the pictures can touch a human spirit. We can react to someone in both the possible ways. Either with visuals or with words. But it is also a proven fact that visuals tend to perform better than the words.

This is because when anyone watches something, he or she can memorize it with that same feeling or they can even recognize or recall some past memories with the help of visuals. Therefore, it is popularly said that a picture is a poem without the words.

How Is A Poem A Picture Without The Words?

The poem is a creation and form of an expression of art in itself. These days the trend of street paintings is taking place all over the world. There is only one concept that lies behind the street painting is that it visualizes and speaks everything loud.

Even with no message printed on it or without the use of any words, these pictures have the tendency to convey the message to everyone without saying even a word, and that is the power of the picture.

As a poem tends to reflect and express on the subject in beautiful words. Personalized expressions and with the words with deep meanings are used to focus on the subject of the poem. Similarly, painting tends to reflect and express the subject symbolically. These symbols are understood by everyone, kids, adults, teenagers, all age categories. People might find a little difficulty in understanding the meaning of words; they can never go wrong with the pictures.

The Influence Of Street Art

The trend of street painting is most popular in Melbourne. The graffiti artist Melbourne is investing a lot in street painting, keeping in mind that pictures are poems without the words. This way, they tend to reflect and represent their messages through this street art.

The street art influence in 1970 and 1980 itself. But it came into consideration in all the countries slowly when people started absorbing images of the messages. This way, the images became a popular way to convey the messages to anyone. Melbourne is also known as the stencil capital of the world because of the most talented graffiti artists Melbourne has. These artists are very talented and have painted the entire city conveying beautiful messages.

Also, Melbourne conducts a stencil festival where the colonies and yard walls are painted with images which symbolizes something and some strong message to the audience. Therefore, It is also known as the proud capital of street painting.


 Street art, when it began in the 21st century, came up with many different techniques. These techniques helped the artist in creating decorative images. Hence, it clearly proves that a picture is a poem without words. You can always use the images if you really don’t feel like it or share anything to someone. They have a stronger impact compared to the words.

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