The next Netflix interactive show is the mindfulness experience of the headspace

On June 15, the developing Netflix interactive show catalog will include the experience of the MEDITATION APP HEADSPACE. If you have used a platform, you will have a great idea about what to expect. After you decide whether you want to meditate, relax or fall asleep, the voice of the Co-Founder Headspace that calms Andy Puddicombe will guide you through breathing exercises that will change depending on that day. It’s not so much choosing your own adventure by the way Bandersnatch is, it’s more of something you can restore for frequent – although it looks like you won’t have access to more and more like headspace customers.

Enjoy your mind is the final of three Netflix performances booked from headspace for 2021. The first headspace guide for mediation, exit at the beginning of the year. The series saw Puddicombe highlight the various benefits of meditation at eight episodes of 20 minutes. Mediation experience may seem like an ordinary choice for interactive performances, but this is precisely the type of variety netflix which is promised when it is said to be multiplied in the format after the success of the bandernatch.

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