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The IMEI method for iPhone 6, does it work?

When it comes to unlocking smartphones, there is no better method than the IMEI method, it is simple and does not require too much information for it to actually work. Before you learn what all of this is, the first thing you need to know is what locked phones are and why unlock iPhone 6 is better than a locked one.

When you go to purchase a smartphone, you will check for a host of features and then if it is upto your standards, you will finally pull the trigger and make the purchase. The price of the phone is the biggest obstacle, almost all of the premium phones cost upwards of 700 dollars. The reason for that can be credited to the sheer amount of features the device packs and also the inflation of costs. Sometimes, people want to buy phones if only they can afford the premium price tag.

Mobile carriers and their solution

A contract on phones, which is usually a year to two years long, is offered on devices which are usually very expensive. This allows you to simply pay a small amount every month and call the phone your own. This is very popular in places such as the US and other developed regions around the world. The phone also comes with a sim card from the network, which also carries a plan the company is actively trying to promote.

You are most likely not going to use the said plan; they often do not contain features which are of use to you. Another thing is that, once you pay off the contract you will be stuck to the same network and there is nothing you can do about it.

So how exactly do you get your phone unlocked?

The simplest process involves you taking the help of services, who are experts at unlocking smartphones. All they need is your phone’s IMEI number, which can be used to get the phone’ status changed from locked to unlocked on Apple’s database of existing phones. The services have access to these databases and can make the changes in a jiffy, after that a simple restart on your device can allow you to connect to any network with ease. You actually do not need any sort of unlock codes for iPhone 6 and that simply complicates things

The method is fairly invasive, does not involve any software or hardware complication. This allows you to simply use the device on various other networks, virtually anywhere in the world. No more waiting for signal bars to show up, no more sketchy tariffs; an unlocked phone gives you the most freedom. You can even carry multiple sim cards; this is great if you happen to travel a lot, you now do not have to pay extravagant travel fees.

The advantages of using a phone in its unlocked state are far and away better than having to use a locked phone. If your contract is up or if you have finished the payment of the device, come and get your smartphone unlocked now.

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