Feeling Great During the Tenure of Pregnancy

Feeling low during pregnancy? A lot of hormonal and physical changes during the tenure duringpregnancy. Oncology in pregnancy is on the rarer side and you need to enjoy this phase of life. There are ways on how to enjoy life and make yourself feel all the better. Oncology pregnancy medicine do suggests various mechanisms on how to enjoy pregnancy. Below are mentioned tips on how to feel fresh when you are pregnant.

Eating smart

It is hardly possible to keep your food levels down, all credit to morning sickness. It means that the nutrients you are consuming goes down the toilet bowl. If you eat bland foods and consume cold water in the morning it could curb nausea. Do opt for foods that have low GI and are rich on the fibre front.

Do not go for 3 hours at stretch without food. Be snack savvy. When you snack opt for a combination of proteins along with carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water to be hydrated.

Finding time for yourself

If you find time to do things that you love daily, forces your energy levels to increase naturally. Do activities that reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol. Indulge in activities that pep you up say you could catch up with an old friend.

Be active

Exercise is not only good for the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual. It is also going to boast the activity levels of the baby’s brain. Exercise is not only having a positive impact on the development of a baby; it also prevents any complications during the course of delivery.

 Take regular breaks to stretch and get fresh air. If you are feeling fatigued take a short nap after lunch.


It does not seem to be possible that each and every moment of pregnancy is spent in a cool and composed manner. More you keep away from a stress free environment it is better for both the mother and the baby.

Research does point to the fact that when you are anxious it triggers the release of chemicals that prevents the body to stop production of immune white blood cells in order to zap virus. Your immunity system is reduced which means you are more likely to fall ill.

Over exercise

A pregnant woman can stick to the normal exercise regime during the first trimester of pregnancy. But the intensity should not exceed the pre pregnancy levels. You need to watch out for signs that make it hard on the body

  • After a workout you feel pain
  • During a workout you are not able to engage in a conversation
  • The muscles are overworked so it is necessary to keep up the balance

Extreme heat

When you are pregnant the body has an increase in supply of blood. The energy that you need to move around would lead to dehydration. Some of the ways to cope up with heat are

  • Have a cold shower or a bath
  • Wear loose clothing incorporated from cotton

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