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Simple Ways to Add Ambience to Your Living Room

Think back to an enjoyable evening you had with friends in a low-lit restaurant with some live acoustic music playing in the background. Or recall a day spent at a spa where all of the sensory elements – sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste – were perfectly blended for a warm and inviting experience. Now imagine recreating these same vibes in your living room. 

7 Tips for Elevating Ambience Levels 

Most homeowners think they have to schedule a night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant or take a weekend getaway to the spa to enjoy a little relaxation. But what if you could bring that same ambience into your living room? What if you could make your living room a luxurious and compelling place to spend time?

Well, you can…and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for elevating ambience levels in the living room to create a warm, inviting, and luxurious setting for relaxing, entertaining, or spending time with family. 

1. Layer the Lighting 

You might think lighting your living room is as easy as screwing a couple of light bulbs into some lamps on an end table, but there’s so much more to it. If you want to establish ambience, you need to layer your lighting.

According to Lumens, “Layering your lighting simply means stepping beyond the basic overhead general light and thoughtfully arranging different styles of lighting to create a cohesive and functional lightscape.”

A room with properly layered lighting will have:

  • Ambient lighting to provide general illumination for the room. This includes options like recessed lighting, flush mount, and even ceiling fans with built-in lights.
  • Task lighting to help with specific purposes. This may include under cabinet lighting or a reading lamp by a chair.
  • Accent lighting to complement the room and ensure various features are presented at their best. This is where you can really infuse ambience into the room. Experiment with different colors, tones, and placements. There are no wrong answers – it’s your home!

 2. Install Dimmer Switches

 Nothing says “luxurious” quite like dimmable lighting that allows you to control the brightness at all hours of the day. Dimmer switches are especially powerful when used in the evening hours. Bringing lights down to a soft, warm glow can put people at ease.

 3. Install an Electric Fireplace

 There’s something classic and inviting about a fireplace. Not only does it provide practical value in the form of warmth, but it also casts dancing shadows and decorative light that infuses even the most drab living room with peaceful energy.

Since adding on a true wood burning fireplace with a chimney is far too invasive and expensive for most homeowners, you might consider installing an electric fireplace. They can be installed into almost any existing wall at nearly any height.

 4. Use Mirrors

 Amplify lighting and make your space seem bigger and more regal by strategically positioning mirrors in the living room. Large mirrors create a luxurious vibe, while a collection of smaller mirrors will establish a homier, down-to-earth feeling.

 5. Use Inviting Textures

 Lighting is just one element of ambience. You also need to think about the feel and comfort of the room. In order to create a welcoming vibe, use inviting textures that make people want to plop down and relax. This may include comfortable furniture, broken-in leather, and thick, woven blankets.

 6. Leverage Window Treatments

 It’s hard to create a welcoming ambience if you feel like your living room is on display for the world to see. Utilize window treatments to help you control lighting and privacy. If your budget allows, try treatments that can be raised/lowered or open/closed automatically with the touch of a button.

 7. Incorporate Plants

 If you feel like your living room is becoming too “posh,” breathe a little life into it by incorporating plants. Indoor plants – particularly large ones with lush foliage or trailing vines – can enhance the ambience of the room by making it feel fresher. As a bonus, plants will actually help to improve the indoor air quality of your home over time. (Here’s a list of some good options.)

 Give Your Living Room a Makeover

 Every homeowner has unique tastes and styles, but the hope is that this article has provided you with a couple of different options you can use to infuse a bit more ambience into your living room. Which ones will you try first?

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