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How a Smart Home help you stay safe?

It’s true that smart devices add to a home’s aesthetic and convenience, but that is not their only purpose. A lot of these gadgets have features which can monitor certain aspects of our home without constant manual surveillance. Even if you don’t specifically get a home security system, certain gadgets such as video cameras, automatic lighting systems and leak detectors can ensure your peace of mind as far as the safety of your home goes.

The following is a list of devices that can help you improve the safety of your home.


There are tons of indoor and outdoor security cameras currently in the market that help people monitor the activity within and around their house. Depending on the price and manufacturing company, smart security cameras have features that allow maximum security for homeowners. These features include livestreaming, recordings, night vision capabilities and motion sensors.

Often, security cameras only turn on when they detect motion in the room, which means that is the only time they will consume any power. So you don’t have to worry about your bills.

Smart lights

Smart lighting has multiple purposes in your home. It allows you to save a lot of money on electricity bills while keeping your house well-lit with durable, remote-controlled lights that can even learn behaviors and turn off automatically when you’re not at home, unless programmed otherwise.

Smart lighting can maintain the security in your home by giving the illusion of someone being present in the home even when it’s empty, or by alerting you through motion detection in security cameras. This is why, for anyone building a smart home, smart lights are one of the first things they consider adding.

Home security systems

This one is possibly the most obvious option for smart home security. There are a lot of services at the moment that will install the entire system in your home and monitor it (if you’re unable to do so yourself) for a decent price, which is worth it considering the benefits of these security systems. Alarm systems allow your home life to become more peaceful. They make it much less stressful to go on trips, or even just leave your house for work every day, since you can remotely monitor your home’s activity no matter where you are. There is no reason not to get one!

Leak detectors

Leak detectors come in two different varieties. The first one is thermal leak detectors, which allow you to locate any defects in the building that are affecting your home’s insulation. The second type is water leak detectors, which are places near pipes or water pumps in a way that if they leak,  water falls on the detector, and it notifies you to fix it before matters get worse.

You will most probably need thermal leak detectors  because water leaks are rare. If you run the thermal detector over a problem area, it will tell you whether or not your suspicions are correct, which can end up saving you a decent amount on your utility bills.

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are a fairly futuristic concept, and not everyone with a smart home will have this as a part of it. It is a doorbell that will notify on your smartphone every time someone rings it. Not only that, it acts as a security camera as well, which begins to work as soon as motion is detected around it. You can see who’s at the door, and even have a live conversation with them through your doorbell. This is one device that should definitely be a part of any home.

Smart smoke detectors

These smoke detectors work like any other device of the kind, except they can notify you about the problem even if you aren’t home. You can remotely solve the issue by calling relevant authorities, which makes this an amazing way to make sure your house is safe to be in from an appropriate distance.

Smart garage door openers

Through smart garage door openers, you can track the activity in and outside of your garage, and also keeping track of whether or not the garage door is properly closed at all times. Since garage doors are huge and automatically closing them consumes a lot of power, a garage door opener that will keep your electricity bill in check while ensuring proper safety for your home is a very useful thing to invest in.

Certain garage door openers come with LED lights that illuminate your garage, which is a direct passage into your home. These lights are efficient, and extremely useful, especially at night, when the garage is darker than usual.

Solar-powered path lights

These lights will give your nighttime backyard a beautiful, aesthetic feel. The best part is that they won’t consume electricity and require no wiring setup. It is the perfect eco-solution since they are powered by natural light. There will be no fear of a short circuit, expenditure on damaged lights or a bad connection. Plus, they will keep your backyard lit, even at night, without you manually turning them on.

Proper illumination from all sides will significantly reduce the risk of a robbery, even when you’re away from home. These lights are not only good for the environment, they will also save you money on electricity.


There are a lot of smart devices that can provide security for homeowners in more ways than one. However, you need to do your homework before blindly investing in any device that you comes. If you need help with deciding what to buy, pricing or installation, FirstEnergy NJ will be of great help.

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