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Review table stand high flexispot e7b

The table stand has become one of the prominent products (also intended) from the last 12 months because of a pandemic. The remote works means that millions have to rethink their work routines, which means having a decent work area with tables and chairs.

While many ended at the dining table and the kitchen for a while, no one can beat the actual office desk, especially that can be adjusted vertically, with enough space and a type of finish that places the head and shoulders above the general purpose, utilitarian table ,

Insert the product Slew included that we see today, the table stands high customized Flexispot E7B, which combines the table frame with – in our case – 160 x 80mm worktop.

This is the best office desk on the market

Price and availability

Configured in black with the largest worktop available, this table stands for sale in Flexispot only below £ 499.98 in the UK with free shipping, 30 days free refund and a comfortable warranty (5 years for a frame, three for motorbikes). At the time of writing, you can add a coupon to save 15% extra, dropping the price of only £ 424.98.

Note that this model is not available outside Europe so for us, our world audience or all over the world, we encourage you to visit their global website. The Pro Series EC4 stand table is equivalent to the US and costs $ 590 with a slightly different keypad.


One word of advice / warning: Make sure you have enough space before handling such a project. Uniting a standing table that can be adjusted by itself is not too difficult but may require some heavy lifting and definitely more suitable for those who have basic DIY knowledge. You will need an electric screwdriver too.

The first thing you will notice is that the table is branded Sanodesk; Flexispot confirmed that it was one of the sub-brands. Our model comes with a sophisticated control panel that can control the closest height of the worktop to the millimeter. It has four presets that can be programmed with altitude memory. Long press the height memory to use the child’s lock function (a small blue light will live too).

There is also a reminder that can be adjusted to stand (up to 99 minutes). The worktop is around 25mm thick which means that at the lowest, the upper surface will be around 605mm high and at the highest point, 1255mm, thanks to the foot three stages.


Uniting the table was quite simple. You get three boxes that contain various parts and six steps to assemble it only spread on three pages. There are several pages dedicated to the control panel and problem solving.

Some instructions even though it can be clearer (eg for baffle) and steps involving a larger frame. Likewise, the desktop panel that we provide does not have all the pre-drill holes expected and there is no right label on supporting beams to show the appropriate desktop size. You can adjust it to 190cm which will allow a minimum worktop size of 210cm.

We would not recommend putting the desktop on the floor because getting a table in an upright position will prove to be Herculean’s effort because the table gathered a weight of more than 50kg. Instead, we build a frame, put it in the right position on the ground – and add the worktop above.

The latter is made of MDF with a scratch-resistant finish which is a step; It is worth indicating that the central panel (which is 1m wide) connected to two side panels 30cm by six dowels and two metal plates and secured to the middle beam with four 25mm screws.

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