New Fortnite Battle Star System Explained: Choose Your Favorite

Epic overhauled his battle system for Chapter 2 – Season 7, which was released in the hours of this morning. Instead of re-opening players the Linearly Rewards Battle Pass as in the past season, the new system introduces Battle Stars and the ability to unlock whatever items you want regardless of where it is on the list.

The Battle Pass system offers a variety of prizes, including skin and other cosmetics. These items are limited to the level of the battle pass, which means that even if you don’t care to get items 20-40, you have to pass all that level if you want the skin that is not locked at level 40. Epic has done it goes with it with Star Battle System.

Instead, up level in the game gave the star battle players, which can then be spent redeeming the battle item that you want. Catch is that Battle Pass Pages are not locked until the player continues to level up and redeem items, which means you cannot immediately jump to the end of the battle to get a high prize.

In addition, each page passes the battle has a special locked item that is just not locked after all the other items on the claimed page. You have to reach 100 levels to get Rick Sanchez’s skin from Crossover Rick & Morty, which means the new system still requires a little grinding and completes the challenge. This season also includes super-leveling to continue to claim level 100 gifts.

You will get the same number of Battle Stars with other people even if you don’t pass the battle, according to Epic. All players can claim a few gifts from the battle pages, although you will get more from the battle pass. Assuming you are a Fortnite crew customer, you will have received a battle pass for this new season as part of the plan.

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