Minecraft added a new way to shine and emit light

Today we peek at the Minecraft cave & cliffs update: Part I, and some new ways you can now emit light. There is a new cave wine, for example, planted by Berry Glow. They are not brighted by a torch and grow down, from the bottom of the block.

To use the following items and / or find the item in the game, you must get Minecraft updates. This is Minecraft version 1.17.0, aka CAVES & CLIFFS: Part I. This update must live now for all platforms that still receive software support from Mojang.

You can eat berries shining – they don’t make you shine, but they just fill like sweet fruit. You can use Berry Glow to lure changes and grow foxes. They don’t make light foxes, as far as we know, but they help in breeding foxes.

Berry light can be planted at the bottom of a solid block. Not all blocks are solid, but mostly. Vines Cave grew down, and can be climbed! Cave planting has the potential to grow berries shining. If Vine I grew a berry shining, it shines! Cave Vines with berry glow hanging from blocks and growing down, can rise, and emit light.

You can foster cave wine with bone flour. If you fertilize cave wines (who don’t have a berry shine) with bone flour, it’s likely they will grow a glowing berry. You can find Berry Glow in Mineshaft Chest Minecarts – weird!

Another dim light source that appears in Cave Minecraft & Cliffs: Part I is the light of moss. You can find the Lichen Clow on the cave wall and the block side on the underground lake. Glow Lichen can be harvested with scissors, and “spread along the block surface” with bone flour!

Minecraft Winner Live 2020 Mob sound is a light squid. This strange and beautiful mob is in Minecraft on all platforms now, jam is packed with light ink bags. If you combine light ink bags with frame items in your craft table, you get a light item frame.

Bright light item frame – very bright! But for now, it doesn’t really emit light in the same way with a torch or moss light. Whatever you put in the light item frame will turn on, but it won’t maintain the light once removed from the frame.

Light signs can be made by users with light ink bags. “Interact” with a sign with light ink bags and the text will “get a glowing effect.”

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