Kolkata – a historic city that is an ensemble of heritage, culture, modernity and more

Kolkata is a remarkable city that has stood the test of times. The city offers the wonders of both the new and the old times. Its heritage has remained intact even after so many years. Read on to know more about Kolkata and its several virtues.

India is fast changing and so are its places as the ways of modernity have started to transform the towns and villages. Amidst all this, Kolkata is one place that has yet not lost its old charm and its legacy and heritage are as intact as they ever were. This place, nicknamed the City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre in his book of the same title, has everything that a quaint town can have, with its old feel and nostalgic touch of its inherent virtues. Kolkata tourist place is one of the favorite among all travelers across the world and a large number of visitors arrive here every year.

You can explore several things while you are in the city. Right from famous buildings to historic monuments to eateries and entertainment parks, there are different sorts of attractions for visitors and each one caters to a unique experience. You can visit the Victoria Memorial building to get a hint of the old English rule and its influences. You can also visit Esplanade and the Howrah Bridge for some recreational time. Indian Museum, Eden Gardens, Dakshineshwar Mandir, etc. are some other popular places to visit in Kolkata. In order to explore the city comprehensively, you would need to spend 4-5 days in the city.

Kolkata is unique in many aspects. The colonial buildings which have stood the test of times make you feel as if you are taking a heritage walk through the age old buildings. The only distinction about this would be that there are people still living in these heritage buildings. This signifies the experience that you would find in the city. In the streets, you would see small shops that remind one of the 70s and 80s. Out in the market corners, there are small food stalls which sell fresh fish curry served with a bowl of rice. All this is so nostalgic and humble and yet the taste of the food served in the city, the flavor of mustard rolling upon your lingual buds, the whiff of cooked spices filling your senses with an invisible aroma, all this makes you savor the cuisine of the Kolkata eateries and explore the city in much enjoyment with a belly that has met with the joy of a range of culinary delicacies. Besides this, Kolkata is also seen through a different lens, particularly the newly developed areas of Salt Lake and others, where you are free to take a long drive at and explore the cosmopolitan, global face of the city. About a couple of decades earlier, you would have to take a Mumbai to Kolkata train to witness a truly modern metropolitan city or travel to Delhi to know the how a newly transformed city looks like. But with Kolkata you get the joy of both the worlds. Even the charms of Old Delhi look thinner when compared to what Kolkata brings to your experience through its old and new parts. Just visit the city to find out!

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