How to Visit Auckland on a Budget

New Zealand is blessed with natural beauty and it is worth visiting, especially if you are a backpacker traveler. It has the mountains, beaches, landscapes and rich flora and fauna. If that’s not enough, Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were shot here. The country has many places to visit and Auckland is one of them. The movie Hobbit was shot here and so if you are a big fan of the movie, then you may want to visit the country.

While visiting Auckland seem a great idea, it can be a bit expensive too. If you are a on a budget and still want to see this wonderful place then there are a few things that you can do on a budget.

Here is how you can visit Auckland on a budget:

  1. Choose the Right Time

If you want to save money on flight to New Zealand then you should visit when it is less crowded. Off season visits can cost you less, which includes the flight rates. You can visit Auckland all year round, but for the budget conscious travelers the best time to visit is from May to September. At this time, there are fewer visitor as compared to other time of the year. December to February is always crowded due to summers.

  1. Choose Transportation Smartly

Transportation can cost you money, so you may want to save on them by traveling in Public transport if you are traveling alone. If you are in a group or with family then hiring a car will be the ideal solution. Walk if you can to save money. Auckland is a beautiful place, so you will find walking a pleasant thing and you can enjoy the view too. You can get great offers on online ticket booking using yatra offers.

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation can be expensive in Auckland. Hotels and holiday homes and vacation rentals can be expensive. But there are options that you can explore to find cheaper accommodations like lodges and cabins. They may be located a little away from the city, but they are comfortable and affordable.  Communication is easy and you can cook food on your own. Likewise, look for accommodations online that offer cheaper rates. Don’t compromise on security and comfort though.

  1. Food

Eating out every day can be expensive in Auckland, especially if you eating in popular places. It can cost you around $40 per day, per person. If you can cook meals where you are staying then it will help you save a lot of money. You can also look for cheaper places to eat. Thera are websites and apps that can tell you where you can eat for less and save money. So, keep an apps on your phone for a quick solution.

  1. Auckland Free Walk Tour

If you want to save money then look for free tours like Auckland Free Walk Tours. It will take you to Auckland’s popular points of interest like the Britomart Transport Centre, the Auckland Art Gallery, Albert Park, the Te Wero Bridge and University of Auckland. The free tour starts from Queens Wharf Village at 10 a.m. and at Silo Park.

  1. Stroll the North Shore

If you are looking for free adventures in Auckland then the beach of North Shore is the perfect option. The view is great and you can take your own sweet time exploring the beautiful beach. You can take a walk along the shore, swim or surf or sunbath. Spend some money and you can do activities like kitesurfing, kayaking and body boarding.

  1. Go on a Day trip to Waiheke Island

There is another activity that you can do on a budget and that is going on a day trip to the Waiheke Island. Here you will find something for everyone. The place has so many interesting things to offer like wineries, walking trails, art galleries, and various historical sites. You can spend the entire day here without getting bored as it has so many things to offer. Transportation is easy here with public transport system that are easily assessible and will help you navigate around Waiheke Island. You can rent a bike if you like. You can apply for Travel Sales Consultant Jobs to know about this field.

The Bottom-Line

These are some of the best ways that you can explore the beautiful Auckland on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for enjoying your time here. There are many activities that you can do and enjoy your time here. With some smart choices you can easily visit Auckland on a budget and still have a great time there.

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