Kidnapping Alien Fortnite Arrives: What we know and how awkward

Only hours after the last Big Fortnite update last arrived, miners data revealed that the alien invasion headed to the island of Battle Royale and will arrive before the season is currently over. The invasion was said to start with the kidnapping that occurred on the island and today brought the beginning of the activity.

Fortnite players were caught on Tuesday when the bright blue light beam began to come out of the sky, targeting some players who were then pulled down to the tractor beam. UFOs choose random people on the island, restoring their health and shields, then dropping them back to the island – even though somewhere other than where they are kidnapped.

This game season arrives on June 7 and will, based on several images that have begun to make their rounds online, called ‘they come.’ The title refers to the alien which is expected to reach the island of Battle Royale in the following month the spacecraft season, although the question remains, including what can be expected by the players of the island conservation and whether aliens will be found on the ground.

The initial rumors claim you need to be near risky rolls to be kidnapped by aliens, but because the number of kidnapping increases, which has changed. It looks like you can be kidnapped from anywhere on the island battle royale, but there seems to be no way to pull aliens towards you. Thus, your best shot to be kidnapped is continuing to play suitable.

We are less than one week from arrival the following season, so you don’t have to stay patient longer. Epic has succeeded in preventing whatever major season leakage that we see with the last two seasons, so it still has to be seen whether the island will get a new space theme or if the company is in other people’s minds in mind.

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